The technology behind Clearcoat Solutions International (CSI) is simple. Make products that work, make products that are safer and last but not least

make products that are less expensive. There are plenty of great products in this trade that we all call our trade, the autobody trade. My name is

Tom Horvath I have benefited greatly by having a father who taught me this trade. Like you I really struggled with all the changes in the last 40 plus years.






















Here's how CSI polish works. What if we took aluminum oxide particles made them so small that you could not see a visible scratch pattern with the naked eye when applied to a painted surface. Then heat treated those particles to be almost as hard as Iron. The result is CSI, Ceram-X 62-203. This single product polish replaces 100% of all products on the market today for polishing paint. It will remove 600 grit scratches and leave a unbelievable finish. No more compound and no more swirl marks. We have a complete certification program on how this product and the rest of the CSI product line works. With the completion of our program we guarantee to you that swirl marks will not be an issue again and we GUARANTEE it. For the last 15 years I have traveled all over this county selling this program. All the  people in this trade seem to have a common goal. Work hard, make a living and enjoy life.  CSI wants to help you do just that. I hate products that don’t work. My dad hates products that don’t work, and I’ll bet you hate products that don’t work. CSI products work and I’ll put my 40 years in this trade on the line to show you that CSI will make your life a little easier.