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One product removes all color sand scratches and polishes.

What you need:

Buffing starter Kit order by part number from a jobber near you

- Ceram-X polish                       62-203 (comes in three convenient sizes) 8oz, 32oz (quart), 128oz (gallon).

- Backing plate                          62-305 (for rotary buffer)

- Tiger Cut Wool pad                62-309

- X-Treme Finishing Pad - Yellow        62-313


The Best single product system on the market today.

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D1 Polish/Enhancer

Optional for Show car and dark color finishes

- D1 Polish/Enhancer                62-209 (comes in three convenient sizes) 8oz, 32oz (quart), 128oz (gallon).

- X-Treme Finishing Pad - Red                62-312