1980 - It all started in a frustrated body shop.

"Why am I getting so many swirls marks?"

1996 - Tom Horvath invents first single product polishing system.

All the major product manufactures say "No way”.

2008 - The company expands and with it comes a Guarantee.

Clearcoat Solutions International, CSI

"Guaranteed no swirl marks!

Today every major polish and compound manufacture has a single step polish, We were the first!



                 CSi Clearcoat Solutions Int.

Tom Horvath, founder of CSI, passionate about using “One Source” for all your cutting and polishing needs.

We’ll show you the right combination and process to create that beautiful shine your customers demand.

The Marine market has very special requirements when it comes to caring for the finish. CSI has developed a complete system in a minimalist  way.